Art Group

Being creative together in a relaxed environment

Affinity Art Group is open to everyone regardless of previous art experience or ability. The group is made up of around a dozen or so budding artists. Individuals who have perhaps, as yet, not given the time to unleash their creative potential. Varying levels of artistic ability makes for a fun and interesting time. As Fi says: "I know from my own experience of running the club that we all learn a great deal from being creative together in a relaxed environment." Individuals who have, perhaps, not yet given the time to unleash their creative potential can discover something new and fascinating.

"Art Group where have you been for the last 30 years? The only 'extra curricular' activity I have ever invested in that I am truly excited each week to attend. Long may it run!"
"Art club is a place where you can leave your daily stress and troubles behind, it is a place of calm, relaxation and most of all, fun. Fi encourages without pressure, guiding you to attempt new styles and mediums, and enables you to push boundaries and attempt something new, without feeling judged. It caters for all abilities, from novices who want to learn, to experienced painters/artists looking for inspiration."


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